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12 000 Clip Art Images CD-ROM v2.0 - CrystalVision - 1996

Here's an old Clip Art bundle CD-ROM straight from 1996. Before the internet was in every home, it was harder for people to find crappy graphics to put into their word documents and powerpoint presentation, so some companies started selling those CD-ROM bundle filled with crappy cat graphics, american flag and other random things people might look for to spruce up their documents. I am not completly sure when it got released but I would say around 1996 if I refer myself to the CD file creation date.

This particular bundle was made for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 and used a viewer application called ThumbsCD. You could easily run it in a virtual machine but you can also just mount the CD image on your modern OS and use a graphics viewer capable of opening PCX file if you jsut want to browse them. I still recomment making the effort to run it in a virtual machine just so you can experience it in its original pixelated glory with their intender viewer:)


12 000 Clip Art Images CD-ROM v2.0 Download ZIP 


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