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Pokémon Play It! Trading Card Game - Feb. 2000

Back in 2000, Pokémon was all the rage and Nintendo was keen to continue printing money with their recent mega-hit, released a year prior on the Game Boy. A collectable trading card game was produced and also took over the world. One of the special pack Nintendo produced was a 2 player CD-ROM Starter Set which came with a starter deck fo card and a special bundled CD-ROM game that would allow you to play and learn the card game on your PC.

My little brother got it and he and his friends were quite fond of it if I remember. You can also find some fine 800x600 Official Pokémon Wallpaper on this special disk. Now I am sharing it with you, so fire up your Windows 98 PC and get ready to play one of the early iteration of the Pokémon Trading Card videogame!

Pokémon Play It! Trading Card Game Download ZIP 


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