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CD Stars Magazine Issue #1 Bonus CD - Génériques Télé Des Super Dessins Animés - Nov. 1994

I used to lived in France when I was younger in the 90's  and brought back a lot of magazines. Here's the bonus audio disc that was incldued with issue #1 of CD Stars of November 1994 containing the theme song (French version) of Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon. Those french version were written and produced in-house by the French TV channel and are notoriously cheezy and bad. But nonetheless, they are still fondly remembered by my generation and most of the kids from that era have the lyrics inprinted in their permanent memory:p Considering the singer of the French Dragon Ball Z song Ariane Carletti unfortunatly died a few days ago, I figured I would pay homage to her by archiving this disc. Rest in peace Ariane!


  You can download the full audio disc image along with high-res scans of the sleeve and disc by clicking on the link bellow!

CD Stars Magazine Issue #1 - Bonus CD Download ZIP 

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