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Yank Far East Vol.2 Issue #38 - US Army weekly Magazine (April 20th 1945)

Yank was a weekly newspaper / magazine published by the US Army during World War 2. It was written by enlisted US soldiers with a few officers as managers and was initially only made available only to the US Army overseas and later on to serving members within the US. I really lucked out on these as I found a pile of them in a Montréal's thriftshop of all places. This is not really the kind of stuff you often come accross around here so I took the opportunity and bought them so I could digitize them and preserve them for the future. This is very interesting and they are in very decent condition for their age. They were made from fairly thin paper and I do not think anybody expected people to keep them around for long. I will most likely take a while to scan all of them because they take a while to scan because of their page size. It is a fairly big format magazine and they do not fit the bed of my scanner so I have to scan each page in two sections and later on photo-stich each of them to reconstruct the pages. In any case, I believe these are very historically important and it is well worth the effort. A few of them seem to be available online but It seem I have a few that are not available anywhere and I certainly did not find any that were scanned in any kind of higher resolution.


  You can download the full high-resolution scan of the magazine by clicking on the link bellow!

Yank Far East Vol.2 Issue #38 (April 20th 1945) Download ZIP 

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