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Parodie Sur Terre ( Musique Plus, Québec) (1997)

Parodie sur Terre was a Québec TV show broadcasted on the now defunct French-Canadian music channel MusiquePlus (basically Québec's MTV) during the 1990's. The show was a mix of comicly dubbed movie scenes, some jokingly dubbed over music video, some regular music video and comedian sketches with a cast of recuring characters. I believe it is very representative of that era of Québec's TV and should be a real treat to anyone who grew up in Montréal or Québec during the 90's!

It is a fairly rare show to find as it is near impossible to upload to Youtube due to the show heavy use of copyrighted material and I honestly doubt they would be able to greenlight such a show in this current era. I tried to censor the song audio so I could upload it on youtube but their aggressive copyrighted material detection system would still detect the silents video, the dubbed movie scenes (even though the sound was dubbed over!) and even the tiny audio clip from the advertising. The creator of the show seem to have made available some of the old joke dubbed movie scenes in remastered version on Youtube (not sure how they evaded the system), but it was only a small part of the show and not really representative of a full episode at all.
parodie 07 parodie 01 parodie 02 parodie 04
parodie 05 parodie 09 parodie 06 parodie 10

The show being a Québec's TV show, it is in french, and were talking about a very Québecois-French version of the language, so you have been warned:) This tape didn't have the best image quality, I did what I could in post-processing to fix up the image and clean up the sound and it is much better than it was but still not the best transfer I was able to produce. But as my grandma always said, it is better than a kick in the butt.

  You can download the full high-resolution video of the tape by right-clicking on the link bellow and selectign "Save As"!

Parodie Sur Terre (Musique Plus, Québec) (1997) Download MP4 


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