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Mado La Commode (1979) - Québec children book

Mado la Commode is a classic story book from Québec that was part of a series of book that was somewhat popular in the end of the 1970's through the mid 80's. The book is the story of a anthropological dresser that get replaced by a newer piece of furniture and eventually get bought and restored by a young couple who gave her a new home. The story was illustrated and written by François Ladouceur. It was a book I loved when I was a kid and recently found my old copy so I decided to try to preserve it. I hope that some new parents will be happy to have this easily accessible to show their kids!


You can view it full screen at the Internet Archive or download it and read it on your tablet or phone!

 Mado la Commode (1979) Download the high-res scan! 

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