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Golf - Ryder Cup 1997 (Canada, RDS Channel)

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Here's a partial recording of the RDS broadcast of the 1997 Golf Ryder Cup I got at the end of an old VHS tape. It is only the first 10 minutes or so but includes the advertisement of the time. My younger self taped over the rest with Happy Gilmore apparently:)

Formula-one Luxembourg Grand Prix 1997 (Canada, RDS Channel)

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Here's something I was able to salvage from one of my old VHS tape. The last 30 min or so of the 1997 Luxembourg Formula-one Grand-Prix as broadcasted by Canadian-French sport channel RDS! You can thank my dad for recording this one and a young me for taping over it with Dragon Ball Z episode :p It include the glorious original advertisements of-course!

Mado La Commode (1979) - Québec children book

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Mado la Commode is a classic story book from Québec that was part of a series of book that was somewhat popular in the end of the 1970's through the mid 80's. The book is the story of a anthropological dresser that get replaced by a newer piece of furniture and eventually get bought and restored by a young couple who gave her a new home. The story was illustrated and written by François Ladouceur. It was a book I loved when I was a kid and recently found my old copy so I decided to try to preserve it. I hope that some new parents will be happy to have this easily accessible to show their kids!

Parodie Sur Terre ( Musique Plus, Québec) (1997)

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Parodie sur Terre was a Québec TV show broadcasted on the now defunct French-Canadian music channel MusiquePlus (basically Québec's MTV) during the 1990's. The show was a mix of comicly dubbed movie scenes, some jokingly dubbed over music video, some regular music video and comedian sketches with a cast of recuring characters. I believe it is very representative of that era of Québec's TV and should be a real treat to anyone who grew up in Montréal or Québec during the 90's!

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My name is Vincent and this is where I am sharing all the random crap I am going to digitize and try to archive for the future! You can expect anything from old TV ads, magazine, boardgame, comic book, films reel, vacuum instructions manual and everything in between. If you ever stumbled upon a Sears Catalog ads from 1975 and wondered, ''Who the hell wasted his time doing this?'', the answer is me. I did. And in gloriously exagerated resolution! You're welcome internet.