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Nintendo Gamecube Promotionnal Preview CD-ROM - Sep. 2001

Shortly before the release of the Gamecube in September 2001, Nintendo distributed a promo mini CD-ROM to various retailler. It was given away to customer in an attempt to to hype up their new console and advertise their launch title. This mini CD-ROM came in a sleeve looking like a Gamecube (1:1 dimension to show how small it was going to be) and was suprisingly not a DVD-Video disc.

For what most likely cost reason, they decided to go with a mini CD-ROM meant to be played on a PC computer and built the interface in Flash as it was all the rage back then. This is one of the thing I kept from my first job at defucnt Canadian retailer Zellers. I usually would keep copies of certain promo items thinking it might be worth something in the future and I kept two copies of this promo disk. Of course I can't find the sealed copy and could only locate my beat-up bottom of my crap drawer version.

So here's the preserved CD image and sleeve scan for this piece of gaming history. I'll try to update it if I can ever find my good copy of this but in the meantime, this should do!



Gamecube Preview CD-ROM Download ZIP 

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